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Lucy Dacus (solo)
Support: Fenne Lily
Roter Salon


Following the success of her Historian album and the EP from boygenius in collaboration with Julien Baker and Phoebe Bridgers, over the past year Lucy Dacus has produced songs about Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Independence Day, Bruce Springsteen’s Birthday, Halloween, Christmas and New Year's, among others, in a blend of original compositions and covers on the subject of holidays. They were recorded in different studios every now and then over the past two years. Dacus utilises her talent as a songwriter to understand and cope with the world around her – and thereby with significant dates and national holidays as well.What is going on,” she asks herself on these days, while she grapples with excessive expectations and the meaning they hold for her. Out of this conflict, Lucy Dacus created a collection of songs that she merged into a series in the end: “These songs are self-contained, not indicative of a new direction, just a willingness to do something different and sometimes even out of character.”

For her 2019 compilation album, Dacus combines “My Mother and I”, her haunting version of “Dancing In The Dark”, the political “Forever Half Mast”, “In The Air Tonight” and others into a captivating constellation, clearly expressing her versatility as a performer and young songwriter.

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