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FAM_presents: Bubble Tea + Special Guests
Grüner Salon

Performance, Concert

Guests: Lauryn Youden, Slimgirl Fat, Chienne De Garde and Sandy
Bar + Entrance: FAM_team (Outfits: Namilia)

With bubble tea & special guests FAM_ is celebrating the eve of the International Womxn’s Day 2020! We <3ly invite FLINTs (FLINT = Female Lesbian Intersex Nonbinary Trans) to commemorate this evening with us! Your allies are also very welcome. Tickets only at the box office, 8 € / reduced 5 €.
Accessibility: The Grüner Salon is unfortunately only accessible via stairs, as well as the toilets. We are very sorry about this. In case you need any special seating or care during the event, that is no problem! Just let us know until 48 hours in advance:

Our wish is to celebrate the international womenx day in a intimate setting. Being invited to Grüner Salon, we are curious what happens to saloon culture - sitting, talking, listening and thinking together or just hang out - when it’s reclaimed as an event from and for womenx. We are looking forward to explore that space together with you!

We start at 7pm sharp - come early before we start missing you or the live performances are over.

FAM_ is a label for young, talented and aspiring visual and musical artist & theorists. As a network they are collaborating with next-generation artists from all over the globe.

FAM_,whose 7 founders got approached by David Getta in a nightclub in 2017, is interested in amusement-gettogethers slash nightlife slash gatherings of all kinds and provides fun, isolation and entertainment.

FAM_ as a hybrid anarcha-feminist collective works for the pursuit of golden matriarchy, across digital and offline realms, never afk and most importantly: super social. Meanwhile they are consulting David in terms of style.

SLIMGIRL FAT: Nalan aka slimgirl fat (vocalist/producer) loves what comes around – just as J. Timberlake does – and so her music sounds like. At the end of 2018 she released her debut EP ugly and is now working on her first album. Her strong but fragile sound is bursting with empowering energy and has been described as „an emotional collapse of improvised gesture“. She will be performing live for us and share her good vibes with us on the eve of international womenx day. <3

SANDY: Before and inbetween the performances we will be listening to a kind of dreamy music set by Sandy. Sandy is one of the founder of the music-festival acting in concert and one of our closest partners in crime. In the fam_context, sandy is known for wonderful playlists for our exitboxes which always let our events sparkle brighter.

Lauryn Youden is a performance and installation artist, poet and independent curator based in Berlin. Her practice derives from her research and navigation of modern Western medicine, the medical-industrial complex, ‘alternative’ healing practices and traditional medicine for the treatment of her chronic Illnesses and invisible disabilities. By publicly presenting her personal experiences and re-evaluations of the history of medicine through a feminist, Crip queer lens her work illuminates and advocates for repressed, marginalized and forgotten practices of care and knowledge.

Chienne de Garde is a multi-disciplinary performance involving text, video, dance, installations, drone and African trap. Based in Lausanne, we are delighted to have Chienne in Berlin for the first time and dance to their unapologetic, radical sound collages, fearlessly transferring between t.a.t.u. and Enigma, black feminist speeches and vibrant hardstlye passages.

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