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FAM_presents: Bubble Tea + Special Guests
Grüner Salon

Performance, Concert

Special Guests: tba
Bar + Entrance: FAM_team (Outfits: Namilia)

With bubble tea & special guests FAM_ is celebrating the eve of the International Womxn’s Day 2020! We <3ly invite FLINTs (FLINT = Female Lesbian Intersex Nonbinary Trans) to commemorate this evening with us! Your allies are also very welcome. Tickets only at the box office, 8 € / reduced 5 €.

Our wish is to celebrate the international womenx day in a intimate setting. Being invited to Grüner Salon, we are curious what happens to saloon culture - sitting, talking, listening and thinking together or just hang out - when it’s reclaimed as an event from and for womenx. We are looking forward to explore that space together with you!

We start at 7pm sharp - come early before we start missing you or the live performances are over.

FAM_ is a label for young, talented and aspiring visual and musical artist & theorists. As a network they are collaborating with next-generation artists from all over the globe.

FAM_,whose 7 founders got approached by David Getta in a nightclub in 2017, is interested in amusement-gettogethers slash nightlife slash gatherings of all kinds and provides fun, isolation and entertainment.

FAM_ as a hybrid anarcha-feminist collective works for the pursuit of golden matriarchy, across digital and offline realms, never afk and most importantly: super social. Meanwhile they are consulting David in terms of style.

07.03.20, 19:00

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