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My Naked Devotion Album Release
Grüner Salon

Concert, Performance, Party

KARMA SHE releases her first LP 'My Naked Devotion' on Berlin label Martin Hossbach. To Celebrate, SHE presents an unique audio visual performative concert, together with her crew of collaborators.

Berlin-based (Jerusalem-born) multi-disciplinary artist Carmel Michaeli constructed the vessel named KARMA SHE to transcend the stage and create extra-sensorial musical performances. The writer, producer and vocalist’s style features bass heavy electronics and explicit vocals while her performances are created in collaboration with fellow artists for a highly visual experience combining choreography and ecstatic ritualistic elements that lure you into her universe. Her debut album ‘My Naked Devotion’ (released by Berlin label Martin Hossbach) was written in her Neukolln studio and at her Amplify Berlin residency with the mentorship of Max Boss (Easter).

This special performance features live analog video by Goldenliustra accompanied by DJ Gina Felangi and drag artist Dyno Dada.

Support: Baby Punk + Dr. Babuyoka (Laura Lulika & Hang Linton) explore multifaceted queer ‘crip’ vs. caregiving identities, plus Perigga (No Shade).

Photo Credit: Anto Christ and Loki Dolor

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