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Disko zum Huldigen
The special party with Emma Rönnebeck and Michi Schnaus
Roter Salon


The monthly disco night in the Volksbühne Roter Salon!
Every edition features: new hits, old hits, hits that aren't quite old yet, regardless, all hits that are worthy!
Really it's just about feeling good!
Only real and mostly interesting!
And every month, a new homage.
Everything can happen! Nothing is possible! Everything is welcome!

It will be praised and honoured! Infinitely!
With respect and devotion!
So come with a headband! Or without! It doesn't matter. Because the most, most important thing is that you dance with all of us! So go ahead. Don't be shy! It'll still be very anonymous if you want! And there might even be a headband award.

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