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Foto Annett Gröschner: Henning Schossig

Berliner Bürger*stuben
by Annett Gröschner
Roter Salon

Book premiere

Moderation: Erhard Schütz

Annett Gröschner is a flâneur in the spirit of Theodor Fontane – exploring doesn't necessarily mean walking. You can also take a tram, a bicycle, you can swim, take a journey in your mind or spend weeks in the archive. Eleven years after her book Parzelle Paradies was released, the stories have, history has, gone on and Annett Gröschner has reasons to doubt. She lost her flat because her lease was terminated for owner-occupation. This plunged her into a crisis, but at the same time it also sharpened her view. How can Berlin be preserved as an arc in which everyone has a place regardless of where they come from?

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