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„Kleiner Bruder“ – Eine Hommage an Peter Brasch
Lesung und Gespräch mit Stefano Zangrando und Marion Brasch
Roter Salon

In German

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An Italian (Stefano Zangrando) writes a novel about a German (Peter Brasch), who wrote a novel about an Italian (Gianluca Cardinale), who experiences strange adventures in Germany (Germany).

Kleiner Bruder is an artful homage to Peter Brasch, Berliner writer, artist and lover. Author Stefano Zangrando repeatedly followed Brasch’s traces, speaking with people who were close to him. Out of this emerged a picture of a restless rebel that slaved away at the resistances in his family and in two German states. Zangrando recaps Brasch's work as an author, director and dramaturg. In this intimate approach his early focus on literature comes up, in addition to his love of women, theatre and poetry, as well as alcohol. This found and invented biography is embedded in a portrait of the Prenzlauer Berg artist scene that Brasch was a part of.

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