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Photo: Julien Menand

Der Empfänger
by Ulla Lenze
Roter Salon

In German

Book launch

Presented by: Thomas Böhm

The Americans haven't entered the war yet, and the streets of New York are seething. Anti-Semitic and racist groups zealously try to win over the sympathies of the masses, German nationalists celebrate Hitler as the man of the hour. German immigrant Josef Klein's life, however, remains relatively undisturbed: His world is the multicultural streets of Harlem and his passion for amateur radio. That's also how he meets Lauren, a young activist who has developed a sincere affection for the silent German. But Josef's technical abilities as a radio operator attract the attention of influential men, and before he can figure out what's happening, he's become a little cog in the gears of the German espionage network. Josef's ill-fated path later leads him to Neuss and his brother's family, who witnessed the rise and fall of the National Socialists from the inside. He finally lands in South America where, years later, an envelope from Neuss reaches him. Its contents: an article from Stern magazine about the German intelligence agency's activities in America.


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