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2 um 8 Spezial: Kapital und Ideologie
Jakob Augstein im Gespräch mit Thomas Piketty
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English with translation into German

Book premiere

Thomas Piketty's book Capital in the 21st Century was an international sensation. With Capital and Ideology he's now presenting a bold concept for a new and fairer economic system. According to Piketty, capitalism isn't a law of nature — markets, profits and capital are, in fact, constructions that depend on our decisions. His thesis: the great driver of progress over the past centuries hasn't been the assertion of property rights and pursuit of stability, but the struggle for equality and education instead.

Today's era of extreme inequality is, in part, a reaction to the collapse of Communism but it is also the result of ignorance, intellectual specialisation and our drift toward the dead-end of identity politics. In a special edition of 2 um 8, Jakob Augstein and Thomas Piketty discuss the possibilities of overcoming capitalism and the opportunities presented by a new participatory socialism.

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