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Szenographisches Wissen und das Archiv
Eine Tagung über Bühnenbild
Live video broadcast
Grüner Salon

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With: Janina Audick, Barbara Ehnes, CyberRäuber/Marcel Karnapke, Stephan Dörschel, Kai-Uwe Hemken, Jan Lazardzig, Nico&the Navigators/Oliver Proske, Franziska Ritter, Pamela C. Scorzin, Michael Simon, Christine Wahl, Birgit Wiens
Moderation: Barbara Gronau, Ulf Otto, Matthias Warstat

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Today the consideration of stage sets as participants in performances and no longer simply as furnishings or decoration has achieved a broad consensus. They're also more than that which can be seen: stage sets are aesthetic events and expressions of a scenographic thought. “Essentially, I'm not building spaces, I'm thinking spatially,” Wilfried Minks once said about his work, and today artists like Janina Audick are demanding that their value be reconsidered: “Isn't it time to give them their own names, to understand them as autonomous works of art and not just as spaces that serve a function?” Accordingly, stage design defines itself as an art that deals in an experimental-research manner with all media, practices and cultural techniques with whose help we communicate, perceive, shape spaces. In addition there's also the scenographic discourse that's arisen over and over, since the historical avant garde explicitly – and beyond the theatre as well – a perfect occasion to consider the shifting relations between people and things, architecture, nature, the environment.

This conference thus proposes a (new) perspective on scenography, asking about aesthetics and about their epistemic dimension. Traditionally the archive is a place where – on the threshold between art and scholarship – artistic practice is documented and reflected upon. But it's often precisely these scenographic artefacts that are never, or rarely, systematically archived. At the same time we're witnessing new processes of (self-)documentation, as well as initiatives from performative and/or media-based archives that are currently providing a new impetus. What can be said about the interaction between archives and practice?

Concept: Birgit Wiens

An event organised by LMU München, Theatre Studies/DFG research project Scenography: Epistemes and aesthetic productivity in contemporary arts, in cooperation with the Volksbühne Berlin and in conjunction with the FU Berlin/Theaterwissenschaft and TU Berlin, Studiengang Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum. Supported with funds from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

Photo: "Memories of Borderline", Schauspiel Dortmund/CyberRäuber Berlin 2017, Copyright CyberRäuber

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