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Photo Mira Mann: Thomas Gothier

Mira Mann & Point No Point
Roter Salon


Mira Mann is a bassist and singer in the band candelilla, publisher of Ultra Soft magazine, and writer of texts published in Das Wetter, Tegel Media and the Süddeutsche Zeitung. In 2019 her volume of poetry titled Gedichte der Angst was published by parasitenpresse. In collaboration with composer and producer Ludwig Abraham, Mann created her debut EP Ich mag das, released in the autumn of 2019. Together they set Mann's texts to music in a way that lies somewhere between spoken word performance and ingenious dilettante.

Drift is the first official solo album from Berlin musician Jana Sotzko under her alias Point No Point. Raised in the eastern, pre-fab housing part of the city, for over 20 years she has played, and continues to play, in stylistically diverse bands and projects, including the indie band Dropout Patrol and the experimental-pop-kraut group Soft Grid. She also works as a freelance composer, mostly in the area of dance and performance.

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