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Orphea Live!
Grüner Salon

Performance, Concert, Party

The film Orphea is a collaboration between German filmmaker Alexander Kluge and Filipino filmmaker Khavn Dela Cruz. At the centre of this music film: Lilith Stangenberg as Orphea. The music is art made from Eve's rib.

In Manila, Khavn's home city, Lilith Stangenberg goes through hell. While she passionately searches for her Eurydiko, he's already hot on her heels. At the same time in Central Europe: Orphea works “in the name of the revolution” for more than just the liberation of her lover, but also for the return of all the dead: for the utopia of the Apocatastasis panton. This utopia fits into today's world of Silicon Valley in the same way it belonged to the programme of the Revolution of 1917.

Nothing in Orphea is secure, everything here is rhythm. Orphea has left classical tragedy with its unshakeable standards behind: She believes in the mammoths of fantasy, in the power of music and the capacity for love that underlies all cinema.

Reading and performance by Alexander Kluge, Khavn and Lilith Stangenberg with texts from Orphea
Concert by the band ORPHEA: Khavn (organ), Lilith Stangenberg (vocals) and Brezel Göring (electronics) perform the 9 Lovesongs from Hell
Afterwards at the turntable: Françoise Cactus, Brezel Göring and Mila Elois

An evening in the Grüner Salon for the Berlinale world premiere of the film Orphea by Alexander Kluge and Khavn (25.02.20, 12:30, Cinemaxx7 Potsdamer Platz).

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