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Die 130-Jahre-Freie-Volksbühnen-Revue
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R.R.R.! This programme will revive the spirits of Berlin's double Volksbühne theatre history, covering 130 years as a revue and conjuring up the fictitious theatre that this city was missing: the Teatro Piscator. To this end, a fictional ensemble is founded for the evening, uniting together the Protagonista der Freien Volksbühne Berlin in Schaperstraße (former West Berlin), the Volksbühne Berlin (former East Berlin) as well as Kulturvolk from all countries. They're rehearsing the resistance with R.R.R. - Piscator's Revue Roter Rummel (1924). Returning to the beginning of the culture wars of the 20th century - and taking everything from the top! Because we can't begin to rise up often enough.

With: Tora Augestad, Maximilian Brauer, Susanne Bredehöft, Margarita Breitkreiz, Georgette Dee, Kevin Kühnert, Ilja Richter, Ilse Ritter, Hermann Treusch, Hubert Wild, Bolschewistische Kurkapelle, Männerchor des Staats- und Domchors Berlin and others
Director: Christian Filips
Stage design: Susanne Münzner

An event by "Besucherorganisation Kulturvolk. Freie Volksbühne e.V.", in cooperation with Volksbühne Berlin


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