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Deaf Center & Ellicist
Roter Salon


A successful experiment in minimalist silence, Low Distance is the third studio album from Norwegian duo Deaf Center, made up of Erik K. Skodvin and Otto A. Totland. In addition to foggy-shifted drones, gently plucked strings and expansive slowness pulsing in the background, each of the nine études is a study in neoclassical, Nordic soundpainting. Overall Low Distance, with its atonal synthesizers, keyboards and overpowering sounds, feels both very foreign and very familiar at the same time.

Ellicist's music oscillates constantly between abstraction and elements from pop music. Melodies are implied and sounds piled up tirelessly, fragments of ethereal choirs and field recordings unfold their associative power. Ellicist's members are Thomas Chousos and Florian Zimmer. Chousos studied composition in Greece before he moved to Berlin, where he works as a producer under the name Tadklimp. Florian Zimmer is active in a variety of projects: In addition to his work with Ellicist, he's a member of Saroos and Driftmachine.


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