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Armen Avanessian

Armen Avanessian studies philosophy and political science in Vienna and Paris. After completing his dissertation in literature, he works at Freie Universität Berlin from 2007 to 2014. He has previously been a Visiting Fellow in the German Department at Columbia University and in the German Department at Yale University, as well as visiting professor at various art academies in Europe and the US. He is editor at large at Merve Verlag Berlin. He is co-founder of the bilingual research platform (including a series of events, translations and publications) Spekulative Poetik ( and of Bureau of Cultural Strategies (

Englisch Monographies:
Irony and the Logic of Modernity. DeGruyter, 2015.
Speculative Drawing. (together with Andreas Töpfer) Berlin: SternbergPress, 2014.
Present Tense. A Poetics. (together with Anke Hennig), Bloomsbury 2015.
Metanoia. Ontologie der Sprache. (together with Anke Hennig) Bloomsbury 2017).
Overwrite. Ethics of Knowledge – Poetics of Existence. Berlin: SternbergPress 2017.
Miamification, SternbergPress 2017)

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