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Jeanette Spassova

Jeanette Spassova, daughter of actor and theater director Vassil Spassov and his wife Teresa Azaryan, sister of director Krikor Azaryan, grew up in Sofia. She graduated from a German school and studied acting at the National Academy of Theater and Film Art "Krastjo Sarafow". While studying, Spassova met the writer and director Ivan Stanev. She was one of the founding members of his first theater group and developed with him a new, independent theater language which caused a stir at the censorship authority in the former Eastern Bloc state of Bulgaria.

In 1987, Spassova began her engagement at the Sofia State Theater where she debuted in the role of Marie in Stanev's production The Wound Woyzeck. In 1988, the production was invited by Heiner Müller to West Berlin. After the guest performance as part of the Heiner-Müller show, Stanek did not return to Bulgaria. In 1989, he invited Spassova to Munich where she took over the lead role in Stanev's collage Betrogen/Gestern.

In 1990, Jeanette Spassova moved to Berlin, founded a free international theater group with Stanev and first appeared at the Hebbel Theater and Podewil. In 1996, she was engaged at the Volksbühne on Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz and worked until 2000 in numerous productions by among others Frank Castorf, Christoph Marthaler, and Penelope Wehrli. Subsequently, Spassova worked as a freelance actress at Theater Basel, Münchner Kammerspiele, Salzburg Festival and continued her collaboration with Ivan Stanev and his ensemble in Berlin and France. In 2004, she returned to the Berliner Volksbühne where she became a permanent member of the ensemble in 2004 and stayed until 2017.

In addition to working on the theater Spassova participated in many radio plays and audiobooks. As a film actress she first appeared in Tom Toelle's Bismarck, in Stanev's Villa dei Misteri and Luxor Las Vegas, as well as in Castorf's Demons and The Idiot. In 2012, Spassova took the lead role in the Bulgarian movie Az sum Ti (I am You), and has won several awards for her performance.

Liberté is her first performance with the new Volksbühne.

Past productions

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