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Mohammad Al Attar

The Syrian playwright Mohammad Al Attar has been dealing with the Syrian Revolution and the resulting conflicts since 2011.

Al Attar was born in Damascus in 1980. At university, he completed a degree in literature, followed by a master’s degree in applied theatre at London’s Goldsmiths University. Today, he is considered an important chronicler of war-torn Syria and lives in Berlin.

Shortly before the outbreak of protests in Syria, he wrote the play Withdrawal – a chamber play staged in a small Damascus apartment where a couple live and find refuge from the social control mechanisms of society. In 2011, after the first large wave of arrests in the country, his play Could You Please Look into the Camera? followed. In it, torture experiences are relayed directly into a camera.

The pieces Withdrawal (2007), Look at the Streets... This is What Hope Looks Like (2011), Online (2011), Could You Please Look into the Camera? (2012) A Chance Encounter (2013), Youssef Was Here (2013) have been shown on various international stages and festivals. His play While I was Waiting, premiered at the Kunsten Festival, Brussels in 2016, and was selected for the official programme of the 70th edition of Festival D’Avignon.

For his two most recent plays, the director has joined forces with the Syrian author Mohammad Al Attar. Their performances take place on the boundary between fiction and documentation. They condense the travails of war and show what it means to endure them.
They have completed their theatrical trilogy dedicated to the lives of women seeking refuge from war. Following the adaptation Trojan Women (2013) in Jordan and Antigone of Shatila (2014) in Lebanon the long-awaited Iphigenia has been performed at Tempelhof, Berlin, as well as on the Main Stage of Volksbühne during the season 2017/18.

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