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The glass pavilion next to the Volksbühne is a small but brightly shining star, the dinghy to the theater’s tanker. At times it has been a ticket office, a bookstore, or even standing empty, and has frequently been used as an independent exhibition space in the meantime. As of this year, it has taken on a new guise once again: a permanent venue belonging to the theater named LVX (a reference to the surrounding Rosa Luxemburg Platz and its namesake) where visual artists and collectives can now exhibit their work. The program is curated by Elodie Evers.

Current exhibition:
Omer Halperin, 11.09. - 01.11.2020

Past exhibitions:
Starship. The Near Future
Aviva Silverman: The Living Watch Over the Living ii
Klaus Weber: NONUMENTS
Aude Pariset: Émissions nocturnes

Photo: Eric Bell

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