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Grüner Salon

Just like the Roter Salon, the Grüner Salon was originally the theater’s refreshments area. It was then rented out for many years, until the 2017/18 season, when the artist duo Max Pitegoff and Calla Henkel designed its program.

Starting in January 2019, the Grüner Salon appears in a different costume almost every night. As a venue for visual art and discourse, it welcomes artists and thinkers, as well as Berlin communities and initiatives to present their work in its intimate atmosphere. Whether it is used as a stage, a seminar room or a dance floor, the Grüner Salon provides space for forms of care and hospitality, explores performativity and body politics and focuses on possibilities of dismantling inequalities and building new alliances. The program is curated by Elodie Evers.

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