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Volksbühne Fullscreen is the Volksbühne’s digital stage. The platform invites artists into a digital space to experiment with narrative forms of theatre. The screen becomes a projection surface for works that for the most part have been created exclusively for Volksbühne Fullscreen and are freely accessible to everyone. The Volksbühne is known for mixing the medium of the stage with other artistic formats. Fullscreen is a further foray into interdisciplinary space, which is carried out in close dialogue with the traditions of the analogue venues. Premieres and series from November 2017 are: The video piece Massacre: Variations on a Theme by Alexandra Bachzetsis, the film column Im Auge der Libelle by Alexander Kluge, the web series Charisma by Sarah Harrison and Wojciech Kosma, Left to tell by Tim Etchells and Marino Formenti, the series Rheingold by Jan Bonny and Alex Wissel and the game Bardo by Jesse Darling. Volksbühne Fullscreen productions available 24/7 as of the date of premiere.

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