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P14 Young theatre

We are P14, an anarchist experimental space that inspires us to be young theatre makers. We have just two rules. One: You are allowed to make mistakes and you are allowed to fail! Two: Make theatre as you define it.

We are young adults aged 14 and older. And no matter where we come from, what gender we are, what we look or smell like: WE MAKE OUR OWN THEATRE. We develop our ideas as a collective. P14 has its home on the 3rd floor. This is where we rehearse, fail, write, act and live. This is where we present ourselves to the public. Once a month, Thursday at 6 pm, you can hear us on the programme P14 ÖffentlichIntim on Alex Radio (92,6).

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We are autonomous, but we are not alone. Vanessa Unzalu Troya and Leander Hagen assist us in presenting our productions in a professional framework.

P 14 director: Vanessa Unzalu Troya
Phone: 030-240 65 621
P14 on facebook

Plays in the season 2018/19

> Should I stay or should I stay
Premiere 14.03.19

> Benvolio + Mercutio
Du bist mein Lieblingsort auf der ganzen Welt, Babe!

Premiere 07.02.19

> Tankstelle
Premiere 12.12.19

> Core of Crisis!
Premiere 08.11.19

Plays in the season 2017/18

> Ich steh schon derbe lang auf dich
Premiere 08.06.18

> Leiden ohne Liebe
Premiere 05.05.18

> Here
Premiere 23.03.18

> Betrunken am Highway
Premiere 02.02.18

> Chavs on Horses
* there will be noise complaints

Premiere 12.12.17

> Lolita will nicht sterben. Eine Stückentwicklung.
Premiere 16.11.17


> Els Malnascuts: Like si lloras
Guest performance 18.–20.12.17

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