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Terms and conditions Volksbühne Berlin

1. Applicability

The general terms and conditions are based on the German Civil Code (BGB – particularly §§ 305 to 310). The terms and conditions regulate the legal relationship between theatre visitors and the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz (hereafter referred to as Volksbühne). They are part of the contract entered into through the acquisition of tickets and apply equally apply to visiting organisations and advance booking offices, unless otherwise agreed.

2. Ticket sales

(1) Box office opening times

During the season the box office is open for pre-sale in accordance with the times published by Volksbühne. On show days the evening box office opens one hour prior to the start of the performance start time and exclusively sells tickets for that show. The evening box office is closed on days where no performance is taking place.

(2) Ticket sales – general terms

Visitors are not permitted to sell Volksbühne tickets on the premises.

Public and commercial sales of tickets are prohibited. Buyers, whose business or statutes are based on the reselling of tickets to members or other groups of people and who have been approved by Volksbühne are excluded from this. Volksbühne reserves the right to limit the number of tickets per buyer in some cases.

Once tickets have been purchased they cannot be returned, particularly on the grounds of error. Purchased tickets can only be returned in accordance with the stipulations explained in point 4.3.

Vouchers cannot be used after their expiration date.

If payment is made electronically any costs related to chargebacks must be paid by the buyer.

Expired tickets cannot be replaced.

If the buyer can provide proof of purchase, lost tickets can be replaced. However, the owner of the original ticket has priority over the replacement ticket holder. Volksbühne is not obligated to check whether the holder of the original ticket legally owns the ticket. If the original ticket holder claims their seat, the holder of the replacement ticket does not have to be given a different seat.

People with a disability are seated first. Please follow the instructions of the Volksbühne staff. Availability of wheelchair spaces may vary depending on the production. Companions of a person with a disability (marked “B” in the disabled person’s pass) are given free entry.

Instructions specific to the production printed on the ticket are binding.

(3) Pre-sales – deadlines

The pre-sale starts at the times stated in official Volksbühne publications.

(4) Ticket enquiries - telephone

Tickets may be reserved over the phone once the pre-sale has started, but are only binding once the payment has been successfully made. Once the reservation has been approved, payment must be made within the determined deadline. If the payment is not made, Volksbühne reserves the right to resell the ticket.

(5) Ticket enquiries – written

Written ticket enquiries (by letter, fax or email) are classified as a reservation. Every written order receives an answer. Confirmation of the desired number of tickets is binding and creates a payment deadline. If the payment is not made by the deadline, Volksbühne reserves the right to resell the ticket. If desired, tickets that have been paid for can be sent to the recipient. The costs and risks associated with postal delivery are carried by the buyer. Group orders (10 tickets or more) have additional regulations that will be disclosed to the buyer once the tickets have been confirmed.

3. Prices and Discounts

(1) The applicable prices are published in the foyer of the Volksbühne.

(2) Member of visiting organisations receive their tickets from the box office. All questions related to this should be directed towards the visitors’ organisation. Vouchers from advanced booking offices can be exchanged for tickets at the box office. They cannot be exchanged for cash or any other form of payment.

(3) Buyers of discounted tickets are obligated to carry the relevant ID as proof of right to reduction when buying tickets and when asked by a member of staff on the date of the performance. Specific discounts as well as information on who is eligible can be found in the official publications of Volksbühne. Should it emerge that a visitor wrongfully purchased a discounted ticket, Volksbühne reserves the right to charge the difference.

4. Programme and start times, ticket refunds, changes to the programme

(1) The programme with start times is announced and displayed in a timely manner.

(2) Purchased tickets cannot be exchanged or returned. Expired tickets cannot be replaced.

(3) Any cast information is provided without guarantee and is subject to change. Tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged due to cast changes.

(4) If the programme changes or a show is cancelled, tickets that were purchased at the box office or through the online advance sale of the Volksbühne can be returned for a full refund of the ticket price within 14 days of the changed date or within 21 days when returned by post. Delivery charges are not refunded.

(5) Tickets are not refunded if a performance is abandoned more than halfway through.

(6) Tickets not bought from the official box office or Volksbühne online sales venues are subject to the refund terms and conditions of the respective seller.

(7) Useless expenditures on the part of the visitor cannot be reimbursed.

5. Admission

Audience members can enter the theatre 60 minutes before the performance starts. Performances in the smaller venues are excluded from this rule. Entry is regulated depending on the other events taking place in the venue.

Children under the age of 10 are not permitted into the shows, except to the children’s plays. The German law for the protection of children and youth applies – extracts attached to the terms and conditions.

Once the performance has started audience members cannot enter the auditorium until there is a suitable break out of respect for the other visitors and to prevent any accidents, unless late entry is expressly forbidden on the ticket. Late audience members have no rights to their seats. Please listen to the instructions of the theatre staff.

6. Wardrobe and lost property

(1) Taking wardrobe items into the auditorium is only permitted if no other audience members are disturbed. Bringing disruptive items into the performance is forbidden. Please listen to the instructions of the theatre staff.

(2) Jackets and coats may be left in the cloakroom during the visit and are insured according to the displayed insurance policy conditions.

(3) Theatre staff must be immediately informed of any lost, damaged or accidentally swapped items or loss of the cloakroom ticket. Items can only be retrieved from the cloakroom without the right ticket if the visitor can provide convincing proof of ownership. The cloakroom staff may record the personal details of the visitor. The Volksbühne is not obligated to examine the right of a visitor to retrieve cloakroom items if they can provide a ticket. Visitors who lose their cloakroom tickets must pay to replace them. We cannot store any animals in the cloakroom.

(4) Found items should be given to a member of staff. Lost property is treated according to the regulations determined by $$978 of the BGB. Loss of property should be reported to a member of staff.

7. House rules, image or sound recordings

(1) The theatre director enacts the house rules. Further, theatre staff, box office staff and otherwise authorised personnel have the right to enforce them.

(2) Visitors may be denied entry to the theatre if there is reason to suspect that they may considerably disturb the performance or other audience members, or if they repeatedly or significantly violate the terms and conditions.

(3) Members of the public who disturb the sale of tickets or harass other visitors may be removed from the premises. Visitors may be removed during a performance if they disturb the show or others, or violate the general terms and conditions.

(4) Visitors who occupy a seat that they cannot provide a valid ticket for will be charged the full ticket price for that seat. Failure to meet this demand or to move to their allocated seat may result in removal from the performance. The instructions of theatre staff must be followed.

(5) Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the theatre premises.

(6) Electronic devices that may disturb the performance (e.g. mobile phones, electronic watches) must be switched off.

(7) Animals are not allowed into the shows.

(8) Visitors are not permitted to make image or sound recordings of any kind on the theatre premises. Any violations of this rule will be prosecuted under German civil and criminal law.

(9) Authorised third parties may carry out general filming and sound recording in or about the venue. By purchasing tickets, visitors consent being included in and to the commercial exploitation of such films and recordings without payment.

8. Data protection

The personal data of ticket buyers or web shop customers necessary for the completion of the order are stored and used in accordance with data protection law. The Volksbühne reserves the right to store data to create internal statistics. The Volksbühne also reserves the right to share the data in accordance with the data protection law with third parties who require the information for the performance realization, ticket sales or electronic payment.

9. Inception of policy

These terms and conditions are in full effect as of the 01.11.2014

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