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The Volksbühne Berlin is an institution of the federal state Berlin with no legal capacity and is represented by director Klaus Dörr and managing director Nicole Lohrisch.

Liability and Copyright

The Volksbühne regularly updates the information provided on this website to maintain the greatest accuracy possible. However, due to the frequently changing nature of the content, topicality, accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed, particularly for third party content, unless incomplete or inaccurate content is due to gross negligence by Volksbühne Berlin. Opinions in content written by third parties are those of the author and do not represent the opinion of the Volksbühne.

Volksbühne is not responsible for content on linked websites, provided it could not reasonably have been aware of the web content and prevention of use in the case of illegal content is technically impossible. Volksbühne is not liable for third party websites.

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