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Verschränkte Verfahren von Kunst und Theorie
Workshop mit Xavier Le Roy & Scarlet Yu moderiert von Gerko Egert und Max Haas
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This event is part of the discourse series WISSEN DER KÜNSTE

The workshop will address the question of artistic research from the perspective of performance. Like performance practice, thinking is always in the making. How can we relate these two on the level of their activity (rather than on the level of their products)? How do they feed into each other? Can we separate them? How can they transversally travel across and beyond their milieu of production? Following these movements of thought and the movements in space the workshop deals with the production of concepts in movement and the choreographic techniques of thinking.

Xavier Le Roy (Gießen) and Scarlet Yu (Berlin) work as choreographers and have developed several workshop addressing the relation of choreography, performance and thinking, for example in the frame of “Lebensformen” (HKW 2019). Gerko Egert (Gießen) and Maximilian Haas (Berlin) work as scholars in the field of performance studies.

21.09.19, 10:00
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