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Foto: Lena Kilchitskaya

Miles Perkin
Record Release
Support: Foundling
Grüner Salon


Miles Perkin (Berlin/Canada) An outlier on his instrument, Miles Perkin puts the double bass at the forefront in a way you’ve never seen before. Under his crystal clear singing voice, he unearths the vast possibilities the massive instrument has to offer; from the extended low range, to screaming overtones, to propulsive percussive effects. All of this is enhanced by feeding higher frequencies through stereo tube guitar amps, and by occasionally hitting some drums. The music combines ambient soundscapes, deft songwriting, precise execution and a particular form of virtuosity that always prioritises the intention of the music. 10 years after releasing his debut solo album Aposiopesis, his recently completed solo album Subtones will be released in Spring, 2020.


Foundling (Berlin/Montreal) make expansive soundscapes with lush choir vocals and effects, deep bass and broad synths, it’s avant-garde art pop through a dark lens. Sonically and lyrically tracing the ridges of deep canyons and the depths of duality, exploring fissures in reality and geological time maps mirrored in our bodies.

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